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                                         Why use Online Backups

Backups are a must, obviously. The question is: what are the advantages? As part of the growing computer industry sector, data stores are critical parts of the Information Economy, and as such companies are coming to rely more on applications to help drive their business. Our software supports every platform in the market to help supply this demand, from live incremental compatibility with SQL, to Enterprise Linux Boxes and Windows Servers, our Java-powered solution will scale in all business environments.

  • Cloud Based

  • Your data - available, secure and always at your fingertips.

  • No Contracts

  • Pay for what you need. Stop paying for resources you don't use.

  • Flexible Cost

  • Stay flexible with your costs. Upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.

  • SSL Encryption

  • All data is transferred over the industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL).

  • 256-bit Data Encryption

  • All data is encrypted using 256-bit encryption before leaving the client machine.

  • No Bandwidth Limits

  • We do not limit the speed at which you can backup or restore. The quicker you can backup the better.

  • Redundant Storage

  • Most companies use RAID or have replicate once. Our cloud platform maintains 3x copies of all data.

  • Compressed Storage

  • Pay only for the size of the data after compression. When we save space, you save money!

  • Onsite Backup

  • Backup locally for quicker restores in case of problems. Keep data in the cloud in case of disaster!

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Comply with private healthcare information protection regulations.

                                                                                        SO GIVE US A CALL

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